[ SST ] Teen Missions


SST is YWAM Tyler’s Discipleship & Missions Training Program for teenagers.

Do you think you’re too young for missions? Well… Think again! If you’re 13-18 years old and have the desire to know God and make Him known, we invite YOU to join us this summer!

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Who: teens 13-18 years old
What: a summer to change lives
When: every summer
Where: YWAM Tyler
Why: to be transformed by the living God
How: through teachings, practical application, outreach

Vision: How would you like to have a summer that you’ll never forget? What if this summer you could change your life and the lives of countless others forever and have an awesome time doing it? With in-your-face, real-life biblical illustrations, SST gives answers to those things that confront you, your friends, and your generation today. In just a week, SST will kindle the flame you already have, and then send you off on outreach to spread the fire.

Outreach: See what God will do with your passion during an intense week on outreach. Street dramas, evangelism, sports, music, child evangelism, and friendships will create a dynamic setting for God to work in your life and the lives you touch. At the end of outreach, you’ll also get a fun day off at the beach.

Outreach Location: Houston


Facts: Chicago is the third largest city in America with over 2.9 million people and 200 ethnic groups. In a city that attracts 60,000 new immigrants every year, 1 in 7 residents is foreign-born and up to 110 native languages are spoken in some public high schools.

– 50,000 homeless people
– 20,000 Chinese
– 420,000 Muslims
– 867,000 Latin Americans
– 300,000 Asian Indians
– 250,000 Jews (3 times more than Jerusalem)

Vision/Outreach: For the second year students who want more, this program digs deeper and goes further to equip you to win your friends, family, and fellow students to Christ. Phase II is a must for chronic God-chasers who will stop at nothing to live and learn what God has and desires for them. In Phase II you will experience cross-cultural ministry in the ethnically diverse city of Chicago. Although still physically in the United States, you will be impacting the nations by ministering to many of Chicago’s different people groups, all with various religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. We will be involved in some very challenging and rewarding ministry feeding the homeless, doing open air evangelism, and conducting religious/ethnic surveys on the streets. You will learn what other religions believe by visiting an Islamic mosque and a Hindu temple, and how to explain the Gospel in a way people from other religions can understand. Chicago is the perfect place to challenge you in ministry and in your personal relationship with God.


Phase Three – the final step.

“I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help him.
I ended up by asking Him to do His work through me.”
– Hudson Taylor

Phase Three is the third and final step in SST training. This school focuses on helping students identify their personal call to missions and discovering how God can use them in transforming the world.

Phase Three is broken into three strategic weeks.

Week one takes place on our campus. Students will spend time with YWAM Tyler staff learning about what it means to be a missionary.

After a week of equipping students, we will participate in a two week outreach. We get the incredible opportunity of serving in New Orleans, Louisiana and Mazatlan, Mexico. We will work alongside YWAM missionaries and get hands on experience on what it takes to see people, cities, and nations transformed. We will engage in ministry ranging from street evangelism, service projects, teaching, Bible distribution, and prayer walks.

Are you ready to go where God calls you no matter the risk? Are you ready to be who He’s called you to be? Are you ready to make a difference? Join us for Phase Three!

Training: July 9-15

Outreach: July 16-30

The cost for Phase Three is $2500. This amount covers three weeks of training expenses, airplane tickets, ground transportation, ministry material, recreational excursions, lodging, and meals.

– A $1200 nonrefundable deposit must be sent in by Friday, May 19th to be processed. We will be purchasing tickets on June 1st.  The remaining $1300 is due upon registration.

– A current passport (must not expire before January of 2018)

– A notarized travel permission form (included in acceptance packet)