[ SOSM ]

Reaching the unreached.

The School of Strategic Missions is designed to enable you help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission: to make disciples of all nations. Through SOSM, we endeavor to prepare you to successfully target and engage previously untargeted and/or unreached people groups, to recognize strategic “seasons of opportunity” for the evangelization of a people or country, and to approach urban ministry with a frontiers emphasis.

The school includes a three-month teaching phase at YWAM Tyler followed by a three-month outreach. We encourage individuals or mission teams to travel to their target location for this outreach phase.

Course Content

– Spiritual warfare, worship, and intercession in pioneering ministry
– Biblical basis of missions
– Biblical worldview of development and culture
– Cross-cultural issues
– Church planting
– Evangelism strategies
– Team development and conflict resolution
– Leadership training
– Practical survival skills for developing nations
– Mission strategies

 For more information, contact

903.882.5591 ext. 5372

September 8, 2017 –

December 21, 2017


Equipping the called.

SOSM Tuition

$3,800      Single Person*
$3,900      Single parent*
$7,390      Married couple*


$310        0-1 year
$495        2-5 years
$630        6-12 years
$840        13-16 years

*Lecture phase tuition only.  Outreach phase airfare and grounds fees are in addition to the tuition cost.

There is a nonrefundable $50 application fee for singles and $70 for couples.

Applications should be submitted at least one month prior to the start of school.