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Family Sync School

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The purpose is to unify families by providing similar teaching/training for children whose parents are attending our Summer schools and to speak into, encourage, and equip parents to intentionally and effectively disciple their children.


We seek to create a desire in the hearts of children and parents alike to fully engage and Trust God as a family. To understand who they are in Christ and what they can do because of who they are in Christ and how that works as a family.

Family Sync School Cost


Cost covers all expenses for your child. Daily snacks and materials as well as travel expenses for outreach days.
This cost is in addition to child’s room and board.


Students will be brought into God’s presence in the morning, as He leads; through singing, praise, silence, Bible meditation, etc.


Family Sync is not necessarily a school of knowledge, but rather a school of wisdom and revelation. As the Holy Spirits speaks, He brings understanding — we want to help establish one’s “destiny in God”.  We do not force spiritual information into the student, but rather follow the Lord carefully for what is on His heart.  Teachings are intended to reflect what the children’s parents are learning. Creating an atmosphere of spiritual unity in the family.


Having a team of others their own age offers a tremendous opportunity to help individual students relate to each other.  They will learn to pray together, work together, weep together, and serve together (a vital role in “family”). T-E-A-M (Together Everyone Achieves More).

General Schedule

Mon – Wed                             
Class                      9:00-12:00
Lunch                     12:15-1:30
Class                      1:30-3:15
Work Duty              3:15-3:30

Class                      9:00-12:00
Lunch                    12:15-1:30
Work Duty             1:30-1:45
Outreach                2:00-4:00

Class                       9:00-12:00
Lunch                      12:15-1:30
Work Duty               1:30-1:45