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Family Ministries

Restoring families to their Biblical foundation.

YWAM Tyler Family Ministries

YWAM Tyler is called to love, encourage, and strengthen families. God’s original design is for families to fill the earth with salt and light. His calling on the family is to impact the world with the power and truth of His Word as we live out right relationship with each other and our Mighty King. God’s favor and anointing rests on the shoulders of families who look to Him first to find their identity and purpose in life. God longs to raise up and equip families so that we can shine the light of the Kingdom for the rest of the world to see.

YWAM Tyler continues to expand and develop opportunities that cater to and encourage families. If you are seeking to spend more time with your family, to grow in the Lord together as a family, or to take a break from a the busyness of life, select an area below to find out more.


Family -GO- Camps are an opportunity for your family to come and get inspired at the good plans that God has for us, as families, here on the earth. Plans that will bring hope, joy, and freedom not only to our family but to those around us who desperately need Jesus Christ.

Have fun as a family and grow in the Lord together. During this 6 day camp we will take time out of our busy schedules and spiritually invest into our families. From playing games to studying God’s Word, we will allow God to strengthen us as we engage with each other.

Every Family -GO- Camp concludes with 2-3 days of outreach to the broken, the hurting, and the hopeless. God loves to see families trained in the ways of the Lord. It brings Him great joy when people are full of faith and step out to allow Him to bring restoration to those who need it.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to get away as a family? YWAM Tyler is located on the Twin Oaks Ranch in the Piney Woods of East Texas. A perfect place to get your family together and head this way for a nice time of refreshment. The Ranch (as we call it) consists of 450 acres and gives your family the opportunity to hike, fish, swim, ride bicycles or just relax.

Come and enjoy the fellowship that happens when families come together with the same desire — to strengthen our families. The Word of God says that when we gather together in unity God commands a blessing (Psalm 133). Enjoy great times of learning and experiencing what it means to be a Kingdom-minded family. From relevant teaching to time alone as a family seeking the heart of God, we can assure you that your time here will not be wasted.

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Our purpose is to unify families by providing similar teaching/training for children whose parents are attending a DTS/CDTS or SOE during our Summer schools and to speak into, encourage, and equip parents to intentionally and effectively disciple their children. We seek to create a desire in the hearts of children and parents alike to fully engage and trust God as a family.

Family Sync is geared for children ages 6-12. The school runs parallel to the Summer DTS/CDTS, and SOE programs. While parents are learning about topics such as hearing God’s voice, His character and nature, etc. the children are as well. This means that the school contains similar components to a DTS: lecture, worship, intercession, local outreach, small groups and occasionally one-on-ones for the older students.

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We are surrounded by busy-ness. Whether it’s work, sports, or school, families can find themselves struggling to just get by.  Don’t settle for “getting by”, take a time out from the chaos of life and bring your family to one of our Family Connect Days and enjoy just being together as a family.

Join us for 4 hours of fun, food, and families. Engage in exciting games specifically created to do as entire families. Whether you are attempting the “Walking A” or weaving in and out of a water balloon minefield, your family will enjoy a light-hearted and fun-filled atmosphere that wouldn’t be complete without some good food.

For more information on our Family Connect Days please contact us!

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God is moving among families. We are seeing the faith of families increased as they step out and trust God.  As God works in our own family and becomes our #1 focus and desire, we are then compelled to share God’s love with those around us.

One thing we continue to see God do is to use our children to break down spiritual walls that no adult could dream of.  There is power when entire families move and operate in faith. As a Father, I’ve never been as proud as I am when I see my children loving on the broken and hurting.  Our job as parents is to raise up, encourage, and equip our children to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  What a better way to do that than to serve those around us together as a family.

If you or your church would like to join us for a short-term family outreach, please, contact us. We would love to have your family join us as we put Jesus in the spotlight.

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